Friday, November 28, 2008

I LOVE THIS BOOK. IT IS VERY GOOD I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT. I am almost finished and plan on getting the rest of the series for Christmas from ben. The actor who plays edward in the movie is none other than Cedric diggory from Harry Potter Robert Pattinson. So good.

Sleepless nights

Last nite no matter what I did when I got home I could not fall asleep. Over and over in my head where possible ideas on what to do for Christmas. Mike, you are right Christmas is once a year and I dont want the kids to pay for the mistake that I made in running up my cards. Once Christmas is over I will tackle that debt in every way that I can and hopefully be debt free in 2 1/2 years. That is with paying the credit cards and the credit line. I have come up with a list for the kids for Christmas. Since my daughter can read now I dont dare put the list here. She should be happy with what she gets. My little guy too.

I got pranked at work last nite. When I got in, I saw alot of work to be done so I started on it. Then i received a email from my coach asking me to start up a investigation on 139 packages. I read the email twice then three times. I finally got up and walked over to her and said are you serious??? She walked back with me to my desk where everyone started to laugh. :) I was really happy that it was a joke. They got me good now it is my turn next. LOL

Working on my cross stitch today. Should definately have it finished for the weekend. If it does rain like they say on sat then the santa parade is out. No way will I stand there in the rain and let the kids get soaked. They are going to see santa on sunday though at crystal palace put on by my work. That should be fun for them.

My daughter is due home soon so I am going to run and get some stitching done..

Happy stitching.......

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Say it aint so?????

Just heard on showcase that the trailer park boys are done. They are going to have a 1 hour special on showcase on sunday dec 7 then after that a movie due out in oct 09. Then that is it. I will miss that show. I have them on dvd so i will just watch that. Plus maybe they will do specials here and there. It was a good show.

Going to work on my snowmen afghan today. Hoping to finish that at least this weekend. Not sure which project I am going to work on next. I am still using this computer. I dont think that i should but the money is really tight and I cant afford to bring it to my tech buddy just yet. Hopefully it will hold out till after Christmas.

I found a really great website that has tons of free patterns for cross stitching, knitting, crochet and plastic canvas, beading as well. Here is the link

I dont know why life has to be so hard sometimes. I love my children so much and my husband too. I want to make a good Christmas for them but I just dont see it happening this year. I want to pay off my 2 credit cards as quickly as I can and then work on our credit line. I dont want to carry that debt anymore. To me right now that is the most important thing to clear off. Rather than buy the kids more toys that they really dont need. I may just buy them one or 2 big things and that will be it.

Work is going good. I like my job. I am pretty much left on my own i do the things that I need to do and then I leave. I feel bad for a couple of my co-workers who have been talked rudely to. No not by customer but by fellow workers. That pisses me off. We all work for the same company and we have to take enough shit from customers why take it out on a coworker. So stupid!

Well going to run and start to stitch i have an hour window before my dear daughter gets home.

Happy stitching...........

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just when I started.....

Hey everyone, I will be down for about a month close to anyway maybe even longer. My computer is giving me some major problems, so I have either decided to get this one repaired or a brand new one. I may also be changing internet providers. Aliant has just not given me good service may just be the router but we will see.

So have a good month everyone,,,

Happy stitching.....

Monday, November 17, 2008


So after the bad day that we had yesterday. I decided to sit down and stitch. More on the bad day later. As I was getting to the end of the white on my snowman something was not adding up. I had started on the wrong line from the very top of the snowman. So basically I had missed one line. So now I am debating whether to take the whole snowman apart or work around it. It is only for me so I may just work around it. I guess that watching desperate housewives and stitching sometimes doesnt work. LOL

My bad day you ask started like this. I had told ben that I wanted to pick up one of my nans dressers for our bedroom that would involve taking the truck. So he said that it should be ok, he had fixed the universal which holds up the drive shaft. But as we are driving along he tells me that he only fixed one and the truck was shaking quite a bit. So he said we have to turn around. Me in my stubborn ways said no i want that dresser it will be fine. We made it to my aunts but coming home we did not. The drive shaft completely unhooked as we were getting close to lyons country store. Our house was not to far away but still it cost freaking $50!! I did not have my cell phone with me so luckily a really nice old woman opened the door for me and let me use her phone. Ben and I laughed about it later but the bad part was that the kids were with us and that really bothered me. I dont like to be broke down but with the kids it was worse. Plus my little girl had a party to go and she was upset and worried that she would not make it. The party was at a house on pacific junction the next road over so we made it in plenty of time. They were really nice too and let Dylan stay. So Ben and I had 2 hours together just him and me and it was really nice.

Got some wood in the stove today. It is kinda chilly and is supposed to get even chiller tonite. Well gotta run and get supper ready.
Happy stitching.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This piece says it all. Chocolate part of a complete breakfast. I fell in love with this chart and had to stitch it right away. It took me 1 weekend and it was one of the easiest ones that I have done.

Cry me a river

Last nite when i got home from work I decided to watch er. I watch it on I hardly ever watch tv on tv anymore. LOL Anway, so here I am all by myself and crying so hard. Angela bassets character Dr. Banfield was reliving her moment of hell when her son died at the er. Dr. Green was the Dr who tried to save her son. The son had Lukemia. Angela basset did such a great job in this episode. I cried so hard when her son died. As well as seeing Dr. Green again. I must say that no other show that I have watched on tv has made me cry as much as ER. I cried when Dr. Green died, I cried when abby and luca got married, I cried with Dr. Pratt died. The show just makes me cry. So after the show was done, I cried some more. Then i became one of those physcho moms who lurks around their kids beds to make sure that they are breathing. LOL They were of course and looked so peaceful tucked in their beds. ER is such an awesome show. The creator Michael Crichton recently passed away. I loved this episode because it had a few of the oldies the dreaded Dr Romano (who was such a jerk but you loved to hate him) as well as Dr. Weaver. It was a great show.

I do hope to get some stitching done today. I would love to finish this piece off. The best part about it is no backstitching. Loving that. LOL I will take a pic soon and post my progress. My little one is headed over to my aunts for a sleepover so if I get a chance i will post it later on.

Happy Stitching.....

Friday, November 14, 2008

That is how she goes!

Today was a good day except for my little guy who was glued to my leg the whole day. No matter what room i went to there he was. I would start dishes there he was, doing laundry there he was. So finally I got all of his cars together put them on his mat in the living room, sat him down and then sat myself down to stitch. I did manage to halfway finish the 3rd snowman. I cant wait to finish it and hang it up in place of the pumpkin patch i just finished stitching.

Yesterday I had a call from my lovely beautiful sister Crystal. She was telling me all about her new place and how happy she is. I was just as happy for her. She is such a sweet girl. She has 3 of my adorable little nephews as well as a very handsome man. LOL It is always nice to hear from my family and knowing that they are doing well is great to hear.

My little girl came home today with a invite to a party this Sunday! This sunday! Not much notice. We will see what we can. She is now standing besides me and reading every read i type. She is such a goof and a bug but I love her so much. She is the apple of my eye. Grade 3 this year.

Must close for now off to work, so glad that today is Friday! Off for the weekend.

Till next time......

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Current project

I am currently doing Lizzie kates Love keeps us warm. I need to delete some photos off my camera, as soon as I do I will post my progress. Here is a picture though what the finished product will be.

A stitch in my time

I have been searching through wonderful cross stitch blogs and was so inspired. I wanted to have a place to display all of my hard work and possibly meet some fellow stitchers. Stitching is such a fun and relaxing gift to do. When you have kids though it is hard to fit in. What i have been doing lately though is setting my little guy next to me with his toys and me with mine and away we go.

Works out great.