Friday, November 28, 2008

Sleepless nights

Last nite no matter what I did when I got home I could not fall asleep. Over and over in my head where possible ideas on what to do for Christmas. Mike, you are right Christmas is once a year and I dont want the kids to pay for the mistake that I made in running up my cards. Once Christmas is over I will tackle that debt in every way that I can and hopefully be debt free in 2 1/2 years. That is with paying the credit cards and the credit line. I have come up with a list for the kids for Christmas. Since my daughter can read now I dont dare put the list here. She should be happy with what she gets. My little guy too.

I got pranked at work last nite. When I got in, I saw alot of work to be done so I started on it. Then i received a email from my coach asking me to start up a investigation on 139 packages. I read the email twice then three times. I finally got up and walked over to her and said are you serious??? She walked back with me to my desk where everyone started to laugh. :) I was really happy that it was a joke. They got me good now it is my turn next. LOL

Working on my cross stitch today. Should definately have it finished for the weekend. If it does rain like they say on sat then the santa parade is out. No way will I stand there in the rain and let the kids get soaked. They are going to see santa on sunday though at crystal palace put on by my work. That should be fun for them.

My daughter is due home soon so I am going to run and get some stitching done..

Happy stitching.......

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