Friday, November 14, 2008

That is how she goes!

Today was a good day except for my little guy who was glued to my leg the whole day. No matter what room i went to there he was. I would start dishes there he was, doing laundry there he was. So finally I got all of his cars together put them on his mat in the living room, sat him down and then sat myself down to stitch. I did manage to halfway finish the 3rd snowman. I cant wait to finish it and hang it up in place of the pumpkin patch i just finished stitching.

Yesterday I had a call from my lovely beautiful sister Crystal. She was telling me all about her new place and how happy she is. I was just as happy for her. She is such a sweet girl. She has 3 of my adorable little nephews as well as a very handsome man. LOL It is always nice to hear from my family and knowing that they are doing well is great to hear.

My little girl came home today with a invite to a party this Sunday! This sunday! Not much notice. We will see what we can. She is now standing besides me and reading every read i type. She is such a goof and a bug but I love her so much. She is the apple of my eye. Grade 3 this year.

Must close for now off to work, so glad that today is Friday! Off for the weekend.

Till next time......

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