Monday, November 17, 2008


So after the bad day that we had yesterday. I decided to sit down and stitch. More on the bad day later. As I was getting to the end of the white on my snowman something was not adding up. I had started on the wrong line from the very top of the snowman. So basically I had missed one line. So now I am debating whether to take the whole snowman apart or work around it. It is only for me so I may just work around it. I guess that watching desperate housewives and stitching sometimes doesnt work. LOL

My bad day you ask started like this. I had told ben that I wanted to pick up one of my nans dressers for our bedroom that would involve taking the truck. So he said that it should be ok, he had fixed the universal which holds up the drive shaft. But as we are driving along he tells me that he only fixed one and the truck was shaking quite a bit. So he said we have to turn around. Me in my stubborn ways said no i want that dresser it will be fine. We made it to my aunts but coming home we did not. The drive shaft completely unhooked as we were getting close to lyons country store. Our house was not to far away but still it cost freaking $50!! I did not have my cell phone with me so luckily a really nice old woman opened the door for me and let me use her phone. Ben and I laughed about it later but the bad part was that the kids were with us and that really bothered me. I dont like to be broke down but with the kids it was worse. Plus my little girl had a party to go and she was upset and worried that she would not make it. The party was at a house on pacific junction the next road over so we made it in plenty of time. They were really nice too and let Dylan stay. So Ben and I had 2 hours together just him and me and it was really nice.

Got some wood in the stove today. It is kinda chilly and is supposed to get even chiller tonite. Well gotta run and get supper ready.
Happy stitching.....

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wellgoodgravy said...

Took a while to post a comment, but here I is. Love your blog, Cindy, always did! Keep up on this will you???

I love hearing your stories on how things are going over there. Keep them coming.