Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cry me a river

Last nite when i got home from work I decided to watch er. I watch it on I hardly ever watch tv on tv anymore. LOL Anway, so here I am all by myself and crying so hard. Angela bassets character Dr. Banfield was reliving her moment of hell when her son died at the er. Dr. Green was the Dr who tried to save her son. The son had Lukemia. Angela basset did such a great job in this episode. I cried so hard when her son died. As well as seeing Dr. Green again. I must say that no other show that I have watched on tv has made me cry as much as ER. I cried when Dr. Green died, I cried when abby and luca got married, I cried with Dr. Pratt died. The show just makes me cry. So after the show was done, I cried some more. Then i became one of those physcho moms who lurks around their kids beds to make sure that they are breathing. LOL They were of course and looked so peaceful tucked in their beds. ER is such an awesome show. The creator Michael Crichton recently passed away. I loved this episode because it had a few of the oldies the dreaded Dr Romano (who was such a jerk but you loved to hate him) as well as Dr. Weaver. It was a great show.

I do hope to get some stitching done today. I would love to finish this piece off. The best part about it is no backstitching. Loving that. LOL I will take a pic soon and post my progress. My little one is headed over to my aunts for a sleepover so if I get a chance i will post it later on.

Happy Stitching.....

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