Thursday, November 27, 2008

Say it aint so?????

Just heard on showcase that the trailer park boys are done. They are going to have a 1 hour special on showcase on sunday dec 7 then after that a movie due out in oct 09. Then that is it. I will miss that show. I have them on dvd so i will just watch that. Plus maybe they will do specials here and there. It was a good show.

Going to work on my snowmen afghan today. Hoping to finish that at least this weekend. Not sure which project I am going to work on next. I am still using this computer. I dont think that i should but the money is really tight and I cant afford to bring it to my tech buddy just yet. Hopefully it will hold out till after Christmas.

I found a really great website that has tons of free patterns for cross stitching, knitting, crochet and plastic canvas, beading as well. Here is the link

I dont know why life has to be so hard sometimes. I love my children so much and my husband too. I want to make a good Christmas for them but I just dont see it happening this year. I want to pay off my 2 credit cards as quickly as I can and then work on our credit line. I dont want to carry that debt anymore. To me right now that is the most important thing to clear off. Rather than buy the kids more toys that they really dont need. I may just buy them one or 2 big things and that will be it.

Work is going good. I like my job. I am pretty much left on my own i do the things that I need to do and then I leave. I feel bad for a couple of my co-workers who have been talked rudely to. No not by customer but by fellow workers. That pisses me off. We all work for the same company and we have to take enough shit from customers why take it out on a coworker. So stupid!

Well going to run and start to stitch i have an hour window before my dear daughter gets home.

Happy stitching...........

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wellgoodgravy said...

Hey...don't let your debts overwhelm you. Remember you're only one family in a very, VERY large boat in the same ocean of financial woes! Us included. Fact is, we're not in dire straits or anything, and a lot of people have it far worse. You guys'll be just fine.

And celebrate Christmas, it only comes once a year, and your kids will never forget what you do. Make each year as special as you can.

Thanks for such an honest blog page Cindy. Keep it coming.