Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am so tired of hearing other people tell you how to raise your own children. With regards to letting children watch tv. That issue has been coming up so much lately. I must throw my 2 cents in. I have never even thought of not allowing my kids to not watch tv. I enjoyed watching tv when I grew up and I still enjoy tv now. I have set a limit on how much they can watch though. I do balance it out and make sure that they enjoy playing as well or reading. Which is big in our house right now. It is my decision whether or not I will let my kids watch tv. I dont need some other mother who does not know my kids telling me that my kids should not watch tv. Parenting is hard enough. I happened across a excellent parenting web site It has a lot of good tips and great stories. That is where I came across the whole tv issue.

At work I have taken the first part of my training assesment. Glad to say that I passed out of 15 questions i got 2 wrong. Not bad for someone who is doing this on her own. I hope to finish the 2 and the 3rd assesement this week. Then I will do the certification after that. It is about 4 hours long. So I am hoping that I will pass that. I am pleased with myself but I found myself wishing that I had those 2 questions right. I know though that I really did not know the answers and tried to locate them in our help database. I find that I am to hard on myself at work. I must must get things done. Doing this training on my own is a big thing for me. I want to prove myself to them. I want them to realize that I am just not a # that I am a valueable employee. I have not missed a day in months. Since last june i believe. I guess that with this whole cutting hours business and how that really pissed me off. I just want to prove myself to them. That yes I know my stuff about my job and can get it done. I will be so proud of myself if I can complete all of the assessments and pass the certification on my own. That would be big for me. Great to put in my work folder.

Today I am going to get some things done that I have been ignoring for a bit. I need to get my paperwork in order and get my bills sorted and put together. We only have 4 bills that seriously need our attention right now. I need to work out a schedule to get these 4 paid off. My visa, the td visa that I had but then closed, my credit line and the land taxes for the camp. Those are my main 4 that I need to work on.

DD has been gone since yesterday. She slept over at a friends house and that same friend is having a birthday party today from 1 to 4pm so I wont see her for another 4 hours. I dont really like her being gone for so long. It is good for her though.

As far as stitching goes I am still working on bens, the wolves "Mates". I am also on the side making some bookmarks for DD as well as a beautiful train pattern that I saw for DS who loves trains. I am also still knitting my dishclothes for my aunt for next Christmas. I have 3 done! LOL Really proud of myself.

I am going to close for now and get my day going. My hour is almost up. LOL Thanks for dropping in.....Mike your comments are appreciated and whoever else stops in let me know that you are here.......Have a great day!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I had planned on going to the store yesterday for some milk and other goodies. I was going to then watch the inuagration. So I got myself and DS ready to go. I cleaned off the truck and backed up only to get caught in the rut at the end of the driveway and I got completely stuck. No chance of moving at all. I shoveled under the truck tried again. Nothing! Man was I ever pissed. I have a 4x4 truck and it wouldnt budge over a little bit of snow! So ben called and I told him and he laughs at me which made me even further pissed. LOL I guess that the 4x4 gadget or whatever is not working properly and to fix it is close to $500 or so. Plus we need new tires. Seeing as how the truck is our 2nd car now we are putting that on the backburner and only using when needed. I sure could have used that yesterday though.

Work is going ok. I am not as upset anymore over the hours cut back. I am finding it rather nice coming home at 10:30 instead of 11:30pm. I have an extra hour to read or hang out with ben. The only thing that I still have to get over is second guessing myself when someone asks for my help. I do my best to help them and draw on my 8 yr knowledge but sometimes that old doubt will creep back in. I need to work on that.

Watching the new president being sworn in was an awesome sight. I watched it all afternoon. The parade was really nice. I was a bit nervous though when he and his wife got out of the presidential limo and walked for a bit. I mean there is only so much security and it only takes one crazy backward hillbilly to take out whatever anger on the new President or worse his wife. Thankfully nothing went wrong and all was well. I really hope that he will help the american economy thus helping Canada. I am also impressed that he has chosen to have Canada as his first official visit. I wish that I could see that.

I have moved the computer to the living room. It was orginally in our sunroom. Reason is when my DD is on the computer I need to watch her and make sure she is ok. Too many bad people online. I actually like it out here. I can also breathe a little easier while I am online because I can watch DS better.

I have also not stitched for about 2 weeks. I need to start again. I had stopped to work on some knitting. Ben gets such a kick out of seeing me knit. He calls me an ole lady doing her knitting. He is just teasing of course. I like to knit it is very relaxing.

Not much else to report for now....I am really sore from yesterday....Will update soon.....thanks for dropping in.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The second half of 24 is on tonite. Last nite I went to mike and janices to watch the first half. It was a great time. They are so easy to be around nice and comfortable. I had alot of fun.

I am enjoying the first day of my vacation. I got so much done today so tommorow I can just work on bens stitch. I hope to get DS to bed soon and then I get some stitching done tonite. I really want to have it done by next Christmas.

I am still fuming about my work but I am also trying to look for the bright side in all of this. I am thinking that maybe I will just work the 4 days and get 1 extra day off. Should be ok i hope.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My DS and I saw this little guy yesterday. Too cute. He did not make far with it though, he dropped it and came back for it later. He slowly dragged it to somewhere though. LOL
Sorry it is not a better picture. Still working on this one should not take long to finish though. It is a really cute design that I found on the web for free.

Just when I thought that I might have a handle on my finances something comes along and screws it up. Last nite at work I learned that my already part time hours of 25/week are being cut down to 20/hr week. How fucking nice! I was so mad and frustrated as I sat there and read the email. I bit my lip because I could feel the tears come to my eyes. My sup came over to get me he wanted to talk to me before I got in and read my email. He is saying that this is only temporary and that the hours will come back. The volume is down because of the stupid fucking economy. People are being very careful with their money. I am on vacation next week and I plan on taking some time to sit down and rework the budget that I had laboured over last week and now I have to do the whole fucking thing over again. I am so frustrated, mad and upset over all this.

I have tried to see if there is anything good that may come out of this. I will be home an hour earlier so DH and I can spend time together as the kids will be in bed. That is good. I may not be as tired as I will be going to bed sorta earlier. That is good. I will be able to watch at least one of my shows rather than watch on line. So that is good. I guess that this is one of God's lessons. No one ever said that they would be easy. It is up to me though to decide how I want to face this. I can pissed which I honestly say that I am right now or I can keep trying to look for the positives. I am not going to leave my job though. I feel safe in that I have my job and that I wont be laid off if it gets that bad. As I have been there 8 years and have put my time in well.

So the new year is starting off with quite a bump but I am going to try to handle it. Any advice would be great on budgeting.

I tried to work on bens stitch yesterday but again I just cant concentrate. I just keep thinking of all the things that I need to do and I just get off my train of thought. Plus I have been online alot lately playing on pogo. Also catching up on my programs. I am going to take a picture of the one for DH and will post my progress. Thanks for letting me vent. It will be hard but if I put my faith in God I am sure that it will work out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My DD having fun at a kids expo.
Been awhile since I have been on here. Christmas was good, not as plentiful for the kids as I would like though. I vow to change that for the next Christmas. In fact I have been picking up things here and there and hiding them in a secret spot. Since DD can read now I cant say where I am hiding for fear she will find out. LOL

I have been searching around stitching blogs and have been inspired to try different things. I mostly do just afghans and framed cross stitch but there is so much that you can also do. Pillows, needlebooks, needlerolls, scissor fobs so much more that I can try. I found a great site that has tutorials. They seem pretty easy to follow.

DD starts school tommorow and then it will be me and DS. I miss everyone being home as DH just had 2 weeks off but is now back to work. I am on vacation next week and cant wait. I may be changing depts at work soon. I dont know yet we will see. I may stay in the dept but also do other things when my dept closes at 9pm. I might do some floorwalking, answering questions and stuff like that. I guess that they think I am smart enough for that. LOL

Well going to make lunch for the kids and me.... till next time...