Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am so tired of hearing other people tell you how to raise your own children. With regards to letting children watch tv. That issue has been coming up so much lately. I must throw my 2 cents in. I have never even thought of not allowing my kids to not watch tv. I enjoyed watching tv when I grew up and I still enjoy tv now. I have set a limit on how much they can watch though. I do balance it out and make sure that they enjoy playing as well or reading. Which is big in our house right now. It is my decision whether or not I will let my kids watch tv. I dont need some other mother who does not know my kids telling me that my kids should not watch tv. Parenting is hard enough. I happened across a excellent parenting web site It has a lot of good tips and great stories. That is where I came across the whole tv issue.

At work I have taken the first part of my training assesment. Glad to say that I passed out of 15 questions i got 2 wrong. Not bad for someone who is doing this on her own. I hope to finish the 2 and the 3rd assesement this week. Then I will do the certification after that. It is about 4 hours long. So I am hoping that I will pass that. I am pleased with myself but I found myself wishing that I had those 2 questions right. I know though that I really did not know the answers and tried to locate them in our help database. I find that I am to hard on myself at work. I must must get things done. Doing this training on my own is a big thing for me. I want to prove myself to them. I want them to realize that I am just not a # that I am a valueable employee. I have not missed a day in months. Since last june i believe. I guess that with this whole cutting hours business and how that really pissed me off. I just want to prove myself to them. That yes I know my stuff about my job and can get it done. I will be so proud of myself if I can complete all of the assessments and pass the certification on my own. That would be big for me. Great to put in my work folder.

Today I am going to get some things done that I have been ignoring for a bit. I need to get my paperwork in order and get my bills sorted and put together. We only have 4 bills that seriously need our attention right now. I need to work out a schedule to get these 4 paid off. My visa, the td visa that I had but then closed, my credit line and the land taxes for the camp. Those are my main 4 that I need to work on.

DD has been gone since yesterday. She slept over at a friends house and that same friend is having a birthday party today from 1 to 4pm so I wont see her for another 4 hours. I dont really like her being gone for so long. It is good for her though.

As far as stitching goes I am still working on bens, the wolves "Mates". I am also on the side making some bookmarks for DD as well as a beautiful train pattern that I saw for DS who loves trains. I am also still knitting my dishclothes for my aunt for next Christmas. I have 3 done! LOL Really proud of myself.

I am going to close for now and get my day going. My hour is almost up. LOL Thanks for dropping in.....Mike your comments are appreciated and whoever else stops in let me know that you are here.......Have a great day!!

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wellgoodgravy said...

Yeah, I hate people telling me how to raise my kid too. Every kid is different, there's no universal owner's manual for them. Only YOU know your children. You're the best mom they could have.

Stick it to 'em at work! Show them what it is they're taking for granted. I don't miss working for big business, where you have to really fight to get appreciation it seems. I like your way of thinking and your drive. I'd hire ya!

Nice to see you posting. Thanks for the reading material. ;) Love ya, Cindy.