Friday, January 9, 2009

Just when I thought that I might have a handle on my finances something comes along and screws it up. Last nite at work I learned that my already part time hours of 25/week are being cut down to 20/hr week. How fucking nice! I was so mad and frustrated as I sat there and read the email. I bit my lip because I could feel the tears come to my eyes. My sup came over to get me he wanted to talk to me before I got in and read my email. He is saying that this is only temporary and that the hours will come back. The volume is down because of the stupid fucking economy. People are being very careful with their money. I am on vacation next week and I plan on taking some time to sit down and rework the budget that I had laboured over last week and now I have to do the whole fucking thing over again. I am so frustrated, mad and upset over all this.

I have tried to see if there is anything good that may come out of this. I will be home an hour earlier so DH and I can spend time together as the kids will be in bed. That is good. I may not be as tired as I will be going to bed sorta earlier. That is good. I will be able to watch at least one of my shows rather than watch on line. So that is good. I guess that this is one of God's lessons. No one ever said that they would be easy. It is up to me though to decide how I want to face this. I can pissed which I honestly say that I am right now or I can keep trying to look for the positives. I am not going to leave my job though. I feel safe in that I have my job and that I wont be laid off if it gets that bad. As I have been there 8 years and have put my time in well.

So the new year is starting off with quite a bump but I am going to try to handle it. Any advice would be great on budgeting.

I tried to work on bens stitch yesterday but again I just cant concentrate. I just keep thinking of all the things that I need to do and I just get off my train of thought. Plus I have been online alot lately playing on pogo. Also catching up on my programs. I am going to take a picture of the one for DH and will post my progress. Thanks for letting me vent. It will be hard but if I put my faith in God I am sure that it will work out.

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wellgoodgravy said...

Hey babe.... I like these blogs that are honest and shoot from the hip style. Nice curvy hip at that!

You know, if you know any french, you could work for Janice at her post office. You'd never work past 9 at night, even shorter on the weekends. That's if you think you need something.

I certainly understand your frustration. A few months ago, at SDM, my hours were cut too. That's what you get for your loyalty. In your case, though, I understand the economic turndown causing the problems. And I do believe it'll get better. Remember that in addition to this, we're in the slowest time of the year.

You're smart to take the lemon and make lemonade out of it. Take that extra time you have and enjoy it! Everything happens for a reason, as you pretty well said. Perhaps the reason is you relaxing more and enjoying life at bit. As for your budget, target the most unnecessary things in it. That's what we'd do (Janice actually does the budgets here now). One thing you could do is figure out how to drive less, or conserve energy in your home. Make meals that will do you for two days, like soups or meatloafs or lasagnas. We do that. If you eat out much, try to figure out homemade alternatives. I say all this because I've been guilty of it and I'm just trying to relate.

Something else you can do is SEE YOUR FRIENDS MORE (cough! cough!). You know, 24 starts up Sunday night. Come on over! Wear shorts! K.... just kidding there. Actually no I'm not! This is what happens when my wife gives me full permission to be a pig. :)

I gotta go bring Lex and her buddy to a movie tonight. You know I'm just an e-mail, phone call or facebook message away, hon. Thanks for updating. Keep it up!


p.s. re: your new facebook pic.... Ben is SO lucky. DAYUM.