Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Been awhile since I have been on here. Christmas was good, not as plentiful for the kids as I would like though. I vow to change that for the next Christmas. In fact I have been picking up things here and there and hiding them in a secret spot. Since DD can read now I cant say where I am hiding for fear she will find out. LOL

I have been searching around stitching blogs and have been inspired to try different things. I mostly do just afghans and framed cross stitch but there is so much that you can also do. Pillows, needlebooks, needlerolls, scissor fobs so much more that I can try. I found a great site that has tutorials. They seem pretty easy to follow.

DD starts school tommorow and then it will be me and DS. I miss everyone being home as DH just had 2 weeks off but is now back to work. I am on vacation next week and cant wait. I may be changing depts at work soon. I dont know yet we will see. I may stay in the dept but also do other things when my dept closes at 9pm. I might do some floorwalking, answering questions and stuff like that. I guess that they think I am smart enough for that. LOL

Well going to make lunch for the kids and me.... till next time...

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