Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I had planned on going to the store yesterday for some milk and other goodies. I was going to then watch the inuagration. So I got myself and DS ready to go. I cleaned off the truck and backed up only to get caught in the rut at the end of the driveway and I got completely stuck. No chance of moving at all. I shoveled under the truck tried again. Nothing! Man was I ever pissed. I have a 4x4 truck and it wouldnt budge over a little bit of snow! So ben called and I told him and he laughs at me which made me even further pissed. LOL I guess that the 4x4 gadget or whatever is not working properly and to fix it is close to $500 or so. Plus we need new tires. Seeing as how the truck is our 2nd car now we are putting that on the backburner and only using when needed. I sure could have used that yesterday though.

Work is going ok. I am not as upset anymore over the hours cut back. I am finding it rather nice coming home at 10:30 instead of 11:30pm. I have an extra hour to read or hang out with ben. The only thing that I still have to get over is second guessing myself when someone asks for my help. I do my best to help them and draw on my 8 yr knowledge but sometimes that old doubt will creep back in. I need to work on that.

Watching the new president being sworn in was an awesome sight. I watched it all afternoon. The parade was really nice. I was a bit nervous though when he and his wife got out of the presidential limo and walked for a bit. I mean there is only so much security and it only takes one crazy backward hillbilly to take out whatever anger on the new President or worse his wife. Thankfully nothing went wrong and all was well. I really hope that he will help the american economy thus helping Canada. I am also impressed that he has chosen to have Canada as his first official visit. I wish that I could see that.

I have moved the computer to the living room. It was orginally in our sunroom. Reason is when my DD is on the computer I need to watch her and make sure she is ok. Too many bad people online. I actually like it out here. I can also breathe a little easier while I am online because I can watch DS better.

I have also not stitched for about 2 weeks. I need to start again. I had stopped to work on some knitting. Ben gets such a kick out of seeing me knit. He calls me an ole lady doing her knitting. He is just teasing of course. I like to knit it is very relaxing.

Not much else to report for now....I am really sore from yesterday....Will update soon.....thanks for dropping in.

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