Monday, April 6, 2009

What a weekend.  Not exactly good.  DH and I got in a huge blowout on sunday.  Pretty rare for us but when it happens look out.  LOL It all started when I asked him to make supper while I helped sara look something up on the computer.  Now I love him but I swear that if I was not around he would starve.  He says that he wouldnt but after yesterday I have to wonder.  He started complaining I dont know what to make, what did you buy blah blah.  So finally I had enough and totally blew up at him.  It is really hard not to yell when you are mad.  So I slipped a few times and had to really apologize to the kids.  So did my DH after as well. We had a huge leak in the basement on Sat.  So he told me that he was sorry just that he was really tired from that.  I told him that I realized that but I cant be doing 3 things at the same time. I was working on catching up the laundry, helping sara and he wanted me to make supper.  All while he was watching nascar.  It kinda pissed me off.   Anyway enough of that.  

I have not stitched one stitch for over 2 weeks and my hands are freaking out LOL .  I want to go to staples and pick up a document holder to hold my graph.  I find it hard to stitch with the book lying on my lap.  I think I might just head out soon and go pick one up.  

Dreams have been better nothing to graphic...I will keep you updated on that.  Gotta run for now....more later....xoxo


Lori-Ann said...

Hi, Cindy!
Yes I am Rachel's friend... sorry I divorced facebook, LOL. It was driving me nuts (the site, not my friends)

Thanks for letting me know you are reading, now I can get to know you too. :o)

Hope you pick up that needle soon. I am designing a SAL soon.

I understand all about the Nascar plague... my husband has been infected for YEARS! LOL ;o)

wellgoodgravy said...

Geez, girl...too bad about the little blowout, but those things are gonna happen. They even happen time to time with us, but we learn to laugh about it later. You guys are strong enough to figure things out.

But what DH needs (I assume that's 'darling husband'?) is a crash course in how to live independently. What's he going to do if you, God forbid, wind up in the hospital for a few days for some reason, or if you have to go out of town for awhile? I've been accused of being gay by my inlaws because I cook, clean and do laundry. My response to them is 'only a real man can do a woman's work.' I admire that Ben is a handyman and everything though. That's something I'm no good at at all.

I just don't understand the Nascar thing though, watching a bunch of cars go in circles too fast that really like Tide detergent.

cindy said...

Thanks for the comments you guys! I agree with you mike ben should learn to do a few things on his own. Sometimes I think that he thinks because he does the really heavy stuff that I am ok with doing the so called "lite" work.

Lori-Ann I am looking forward to you sal! I will keep looking for it. Your designs are awesome :)Thanks for stopping in.