Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am taking Dylan to school today.  I am excited for him for the next phase of his life.  It will be good for him to make friends and to learn more things.  I will miss him though but I really will need the time to myself.  It will be so different.  I was told that my hours may be coming back soon.  That will be great.  For the summer for sure because of vacations then they will see for Sept.

24 was really good this week.  I watched 90210 last nite to see donnas big return.  Tori Spelling looks horrible!  She is way to thin and her acting has not improved at all :)  LOL  I loved this show growing up and have up to season 3 on dvd.  I am working on getting the rest.

I am starting to get that new project itch but I am fighting it off.  I want to finish this one that i am currently working on.  I was so bad for that before, I would start a new project only to find another and abandon that first one :)  I guess that there is just so much stuff out there that I want to stitch.  

I am still reading Kathy Reichs deja dead.  It is really good.  Not sure what I will pick up next.  Any suggestions?  

Gotta run and get dylan ready for his big moment...till next time......

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wellgoodgravy said...

Hey.... I don't know if you'll like the idea or not, but the Bret Hart book is awesome. You could borrow it from us once Janice is done, which is soon. I told her and told her how good it was and now that she's nearly done, she'd say "I never knew it'd be this good." You won't believe the stuff he went through.

On a related note, I recommend "The Wrestler". It really is worth the hype. It's a heartbreaker, if you like that sort of thing, and awesome.

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