Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We had a great Easter.  I was finally able to sink my teeth into some chocolate.  I am going to rethink my lent next year.  Giving up chocolate was really hard to do!  I dont know who was more excited the kids or me LOL

I am taking dylan to his first day of kindergarden orienation  tommorow.  That will be interesting.  I am still not ready to let him go.  I cant believe how fast he has grown.  Sara will be in grade 4 in sept.  HOLY!  I will kinda be happy though that I can start to get out and do my walks. I really need to shape up these legs of mine.  I will also be glad to start shopping and to take my time and not have to worry about my little ones.  

I am still working on my easter stitching.  I will post a picture of the wip later on today.  I found alot of time to stitch this weekend.  I am at my most relaxed when I stitch.  I just love it.  

Well I am going to catch up with 24 while Dylan is watching cars for the i dont know how many times now.  LOL  
Have a great day .....thanks for stopping in....


Lori-Ann said...

You must have been shaking like a leaf while in chocolate withdrawal, LOL.
Curious to see what you are stitching on.

wellgoodgravy said...

K....my favorite part was you shaping up those legs of yours. Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Congrats on the lent thing. We gave up red meat...THAT was tough. But we're glad we did it. It's harder than you might think.

Now go shape up those legs. ;)

cindy said...

It was really hard to give up chocolate. I will for sure take a pic of my wip and post it. :) thanks for the comments.