Thursday, March 26, 2009

I sure have been grateful lately.  I missed the cold/flu bug that has been going around my house.  I have been feeling slightly nausea and a bit feverish but it has not been too bad.  I did stay home tues nite.  I was well taken care of.  

Did you ever have the same dream over and over again?  I have been having this horrible dream.  I dream that I wake up and look out my window to see my little son sleeping on the ledge.  I try to rip out the window and it seems to take forever.  I finally get to him and I am holding him by the back of the shirt and I am screaming at the top of my lungs to ethan from soap opera passions to help me.  He wakes up and trys to pull my son through and then I wake up in a sweat.  I am getting so tired of this dream this has been my 3rd nite of this dream.  WTF????  I am trying to figure this out.  I just dont understand.  

I have not been stitching as much as I should have lately.  I just dont seem to have the time to sit down.  I have been trying to clear out alot of clutter in the house.  I do want to keep working on my easter afghan.  I have so much lined up to do.  So many projects so little time. 

I meet with my daughters teacher tommorow morning.  I pretty much know how she is doing because I write notes to her all the time.  It will be nice to see her work though.  I think that after I will take them to walmart to get a few things.  I think now it depends on how they act. I have been really working with them on their behaviour.  I have told them that if they act up they will not get something special. I have really been following through on that.  

Must run and get lunch for me and my little guy....till next time....  

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today was so nice outside.  We had alot of fun playing with the kids.  After lunch at my aunts we went for a nice drive.  Then DD had a friend over.  Supper was great with baked potatoe/steak/rice/corn.  Great combo!  DS has been a true spitfire today.  Getting himself in trouble a few times.  LOL  Now I am typing this while one is in the tub then I have to get the other one in.   DH put the rest of the wood in.  I will be so glad when this winter is over.  I vow that next winter we will have more than enough wood to keep us warm.

I was supposed to do my stupid taxes today.  Never got around to it though.  Too many distractions.  Mainly my love of stitching.  I am so wanting to finish my current project as I have a few on deck that I want to do.  LOL  So many projects so little time.  

Not much else to report for today.  I did manage to watch a movie while the friend was over.  It was 'the secret of bees' it had Dakota fanning and Queen latifah.  It was really good.  DH got the last few mins of it and of course said how boring.  LOL  
Till next time.........

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My sweet meaka!
So my buddy mike has loaned me his book Watchmen.  I was a bit surprised when I picked it up.  I was not expecting it to be a comic type book.  I have never read that genre before other than Archies!  LOL   I looked it over last nite though and it looks to be a awesome read.  Going to start on it today.

I am supposed to be downstairs ripping off wallpaper in the bathroom and the bedroom.  We are getting ready to do some painting this weekend.  I cant wait until the whole basement is finished and we are able to hang out down there.  We are going to have the set up as this:  the living room part will be divided between the entertainment area with the tv/speakers/couch.  Behind the couch will be the table which will be used for crafts and puzzles. Then there will be bookshelves filled with the kids books and my DS train table.  I am so looking forward to getting it all done before next winter.  We are not sure though what to do with the kitchen part of the basement.  I told my DH that i am not caring so much about that one as I am about the upstairs one!  I am wanting to paint the kitchen do a major overhaul to the bathroom upstairs and paint my room.  So we have lots of little projects to do to keep us busy.  When I mention my plans to anyone they always say that I should go to the bank and get a loan and have it all done at once.  I dont believe in that.  I dont want anymore debt.  DH and I are looking at this way if we have extra money on a certain week then we will use that to do something small.  I have heard of people doing extensive renos and the place looks great but they are up to their eyes in debt.  Not the way I want to do our place.  Believe me though the temptation is there though somedays when I think oh lets just get it all over with.  But then I think that it is not that much fun to do it that way.  :)

  The mornings are usually school time for my DS.  I am working with him on his letters/numbers. I find that he gets frustrated so easily.   Then after lunch I have been watching the trailer park boys every day from 1 to 2pm.  I am glad that showcase beeps out the swear words in case DS comes in the room.  Although to be honest some of the words the boys say he has heard before.  Both from me and DH!  

So i should run sorry that i have not been on for a bit...I am so sick of this snow and cold and thinking about wood and putting wood in the stove.....please spring come soon...........

My latest wip!  Can you guess what it is?