Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It has been too long since I was last here. I just cant believe that Michael Jackson has died. Today is the memorial. I plan on watching. It is kinda weird to me. I grew up on his music. I never believed it when he was accused of child molesting. Even though I did not know him personally I mean he did not have much of a childhood growing up. He was always singing and dancing so he had a child like brain which people make fun of but I think that it is great. I am 37 and I certainly do not act like it. I chase the kids around the house and I am always goofing off with them and pulling little jokes on them. It keeps you young. RIP Michael Jackson.

On another sad note we had to have our dog put down she was close to 15 years old and was having a few health issues. We could have spent alot of money on her but what quality of life would that have been for her? So we made the decision as a family. I must say that it is really different without her around. We had her close to 6 years. RIP Lady you were a great dog.

In good news, I think that I found my stitching mojo!! With the kids in bible school in the morning I started up a new project that should get me going. I will take some pics and post them. Well not much else to report for now....thanks for stopping in........


wellgoodgravy said...

Yeah, Michael Jackson WAS a pedophile. No question. I know his fans are in denial over that, but, the fact is, he offered a payout to make his accusers shut up. A HUGE payout. His baby dangling off the balcony that day was horrifying... and it was just perverse seeing him butcher himself with plastic surgery after plastic surgery. He's not what I call a role model. Sorry Cindy... My 2 cents. That said, I DID like his music. I have 5 or 6 of his albums (before the whole molestation thing, tho).

cindy said...

It's funny because I never thought for once that he did that to those kids. Their parents saw an opportunity to cash in and they took it. I mean seriously Michael has been performing since he was 5. He had no childhood and I believe that he related better to kids than adults. He did the payout because he just wanted to get rid of it. It obviously affected him in a bad way. I myself would have fought the charges tooth and nail. As for the plastic surgery i think that the reasoning behind that was that he did not want to look like his dad who abused him. The baby dangling was a bit off I say. I agree with ya there. That is my 3 cents. LOL LOL You have to give him credit for his music and the impact he made. It is just too bad that his legacy is tainted by false accusations.

I have been checking your blog everyday are you going to start again????