Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am currently battling a sore throat as well as a upset stomach. My work situation has not been great. I find alot of people are not happy and it is dragging me down. I cant change my work situation though because I need the job. The hours and the weekends off and I generally like what I do. It is not rocket science but I enjoy it.

I am so looking forward to watching big brother this july! I love that show it is awesome :) I did miss though the entire season of house but I am going to catch up on that through tv dome.

My DD has 5 days of school left! Where did the year go????? Then my DS will start in Sept so crazy!!

I have lost my stitching mojo if anyone finds it please let me know. I think that it has to do with that I cant really concentrate lately. Maybe when DS is in school I can start it up again. I also think that it has to do with the weather. I dont want to hang out in the house as much anymore.

I love Nancy Grace but have such a hard time watching it lately. It always seems like the media gourges itself on bad news. Where are the feel good stories? Why do we have to constantly be fed news that make you want to curl up in a corner and cry your eyes out. YES there are bad stupid moronic people out there. Why remind us? This is the main reason why I dont want the news as much anymore.

True blood starts tonite can i get a whoot whoot!! Cant wait!!!

Well should run we are taking the kids to the midway today. Then off to our camp. Should be fun :) Have a great day everyone.......

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