Monday, May 11, 2009

I am back.  My computer is running ok.   My honey found me a fan.  I am still planning to get another computer as I find this one has been running slow ever since the crash and then that virus attack that I had a couple of months ago.  

I am a aunt again!  My little sister gave birth to a boy a little after midnite May 10.  Nice gift for Mothers day eh?  That brings my total to 8 nephews and 2 neices.  :)  I sure wish though that I could have been there.  It is pretty hard to be so far away.  I am glad for the internet to keep in touch though.  

I am really bad with jumping projects.  I picked up another project that I had not finished a couple of months ago and I am working on getting that one done.  I will post a picture later today.  I am trying to justify in my head that easter is over so I can hold that project off!  I am so bad.  Now that I know the sex of the baby that my sister had.  I am going to head to micheals and buy a quilt to stitch  with winnie the pooh on it.  

I am still battling this cold that I caught last week.  It sucks.  LOL  
Well gotta run and get a few things done today.....till next time...thanks for stopping in...Oh mike your words that you sent me through facebook was really beautiful. Janice is sure lucky to have you. As my daughter likes to say YOU ROCK!!

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wellgoodgravy said...

Hey....wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it! :)