Monday, May 18, 2009

Ben and I finally picked up a new water pump on Sat. We were going to buy it at kent because that was the cheapest place however we ended up going to a specialist.  Jims pump shop.  He sures knows about pumps.  He was a bit more expensive but Ben figures that if he has any questions he can always go back there whereas who would he talk to at kent?  We were kinda surprised though because when we went around pricing the pumps kent was the cheapest.  Usually Kent is the most expensive as it is owned by the irvings and you dont want to get ben started on the irvings.  He hates them.  LOL  

My daughter was asked to go to Nova Scotia parsboro, on Friday.  With much debate Ben and I agreed to let her go.  After she left I was strike by a bad case of nerves.  What have I done?  She is so little?  What if something happens?  Will she be lonely?  What if she fell?  Just on and on.  Finally I heard from her and the happiness in her voice put me at ease.  She was having a great time and would be home sunday afternoon.   My son sure missed her though.  His constant companion but Ben and I kept him busy.  Yesterday was major cleanup day here with laundry to be done and get started on cleaning out the kids rooms.  I have to keep asking myself how can 2 little kids gather so much clutter?  Is it me or my aunt???? 

I am so behind in my shows, I need to catch up on lost,prison break, survivor, nip tuck,ugly betty.  One show that I constantly watch on time is Greys anatomy and desperate housewives. The season finale blew my mind.  Poor izzy and George.  Not sure which one is coming back next year.  DH was awesome as usual.  All I can say is that Mike better have married susan not stick up her butt katherine!!  LOL  

Not much to report on the stitching front.  It just seems that I have not had the time lately to work on any of my projects.  I have to get my son ready for school and with all the housework and then my daughter is home from school and homework blah no time! I will have plenty of time when my son starts school.  I keep telling myself that.  

Anyways I should run and keep going at my daughters room.  We are repainting her walls and giving her a bit of a more grown up room.  Should be fun.....till next time....thanks for stopping in :) 

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