Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time for my gameface

Today will be a hard day to get through since we lost our puppy last week. She was hit by a scumbag going to fast on his skii doo. It has been really tough. More so for my daughter since she saw it. So if you have a minute please say a quick prayer for her. We would really appreciate it. I have not been on this blog for a bit and I must say that I miss doing it. I will be uploading more and more pics of my stitching projects that I have been doing. I am trying to get some knitting in here and there as well. I want to have alot of the knitted dish clothes done before next Christmas. Well need to run and take my daughter to her sleepover which I am grateful for.

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wellgoodgravy said...

Lord God Almighty, Cindy, I didn't realize Sara saw the accident with the dog. I so hope she'll be alright, I know she will be... I just hope sooner than later. We'll remember all you guys in church this weekend, just like I did last weekend (Janice had to skip then because she was sick, Lex worked). Anyway... keep blogging. Always watching out. :)