Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There is a load of wood in our backyard as I type this. It was delivered this morning. I am really hoping that this will be the last load that we absolutely have to get! I am sick of thinking of wood LOL. Man times are tough for us money wise. This loosing 5 hours a week has been really hard. Now they say it is going to last till may. They have cut the full timers too. The ones just hired in the last couple of months. I feel bad this economy is affecting everyone.

I wish that I could get over my problem at work. I try to like everyone but this one person I just cant seem to like. I am nice but when that person comes around I just sorta not be as open or as nice as I could be. I really dont understand my reasoning and why I am being like that as this person seems nice. I dont know. It makes it hard to go into work and see this person everyday.

DD is doing really well in school. She has had 100% on both her spelling and her math test. The only problem that I am getting from her is to settle down and get her homework done. :) LOL

So i must run it is getting close to badge time on pogo yippeee! Please leave me a comment to let me know you are here. Thanks for stopping in....


wellgoodgravy said...


Hey, tonight I'm doing an experiment. I'm gonna start a Survivor blog, on a new page altogether. I'll watch it, with my laptop on, and type what I think while I'm watching. At least this is my intention. Maybe I'll get lazy?

That sucks about your job...but hang in there. It's tough for everyone these days. You're not alone, that's for DAYUM sure.

Love ya and miss ya, baby.

cindy said...

That sounds great mike. Looking forward to reading it!!